Your Privacy

 Your privacy is so important to me!

Privacy is something I take very seriously.  Every image that you see on my website, in print or  on social media has been approved by the women and written consent has been given.  I will NEVER share photos without written consent from my clients.

My goal is to have my clients be as comfortable as possible.  I create a very intimate atmosphere in the studio during your session and never have other staff  present during your scheduled session time.  Making sure that you are relaxed and able to trust is how I make beautiful and real-life dynamic images.

It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity, a career woman, or just someone that likes to keep their personal lives very private, it is always extremely important to keep your images and information 100% confidential.

SHINEon Boudoir has built a reputation based on trust in the industry.  I never pressure my clients into sharing their images, but I am always thrilled when my clients choose to allow me to share their art.

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