New Boudoir Tumblr Page Well come to find out I’ve had a Boudoir Tumblr page for SHINEon Boudoir for quite some time now…but I didn’t even realize it! I honestly don’t remember when I made or how to even log into the page! So I bit the bullet and started all over again. (Not like […]

What is Implied Nude Photography? A lot of people see or hear the word “nude” and immediately panic!  “I don’t want to shoot in the full nude they say!”  Listen I completely understand the feeling of nervousness and concern about this concept. But I’ll let you in on a little secret – implied nude photography, […]

How to Pronounce Boudoir Usually people ask me, what does Boudoir mean?  Then immediate question after that is, “How exactly do you pronounce Boudoir?” I guess I could say it’s kind of like trying to explain how to pronounce the word potato or tomato LOL! Everyone has their slight change they add when pronouncing the […]

Houston Boudoir Photographer Review OMG!  I love it when I get feedback from my clients (and I’m excited to continue to share reviews and testimonials at they come in!)  But recently I got a review that touched my heart!  It’s why I do what I do! Of course I want to be Houston’s best Boudoir […]

Boudoir Reviews Everyone knows that without my clients and their love I would just be a crazy haired chick with a camera.  That’s why it feels so great to not only see the result of a shoot, but actually get feedback! I’ve never really focused before on testimonials and reviews, but looking at the final […]

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