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10 Common Boudoir Photo Session Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

10 Common Boudoir Photo Session Mistakes

Before doing a Boudoir photo session, you want to make sure you avoid certain mistakes to ensure you have the BEST experience possible during your shoot!

Here are 10 common boudoir session mistakes to avoid!


ShineOn Boudoir has many clients who are super prepared and organized when it comes to what outfits they want to wear during their boudoir shoot. These clients tend to plan each outfit change and only bring as many looks that their package offers. This could potentially be tricky the day of their shoot. Planning the bare minimum for a boudoir session leaves no room for error when shooting. Back up lingerie is key to a successful shoot in case the lingerie you brought does not photograph well or does not fit you the way you hoped.

Tip: Bring almost twice as many outfits that your package offers! For instance, SHINEon Boudoir’s Sapphire package allows up to 6 outfit changes. Therefore, when a boudoir client is planning their shoot they should bring up to 8-10 looks to ensure for a successful boudoir session.


Many first time boudoir clients are indecisive on what to wear when packing for their session, which leads them to over-packing. Over-packing can be just as problematic as under-packing the day of your shoot. If a client chose the Ruby package, for example, that has up to 8 outfit changes and they bring around 20, this could over whelming for the client when trying to pick her look while at the studio. ShineOn Boudoir loves to spend session time celebrating your beauty by creating a one of a kind photography session instead of trying to pick from 20 outfits.

Tip: Limit outfit choices to a maximum of twice as many that is allowed in your package. For the Ruby package, SHINEon Boudoir recommends you bring no more than 16 to your session.

Not Having An Idea In Mind

ShineOn Boudoir does not expect a client to have their session planned out down to each and every pose but will need some sort of idea of what you would like during your shoot. Every woman is unique and what one woman defines as sexy may be different then what you define as sexy. Communicating with the photographer of what makes you feel sexy is important rather its lace lingerie or pairing boy shorts with your significant others clothing. Boudoir photography is about embracing your own unique and beautiful sexy style!

Tip: An excellent tool to start planning what you want during your shoot is Pinterest! SHINEon Boudoir has a Pinterest page full of different styles and poses that you can look through. You also can make your own SECRET board on your own account so you can keep the boudoir session a surprise. Having these images ready to show your photographer will show them exactly what you are comfortable with along with the style you would like during your session

Planning Too Much

-Clients want the absolute most during their boudoir session and the photographer completely understands this. This could be a once in a life time opportunity or a wedding gift to that love one however trying to shoot everything you planned may be stressful you both the photographer and you. SHINEon Boudoir’s goal is to make you enjoy your session and be thrilled about your images. Trying to shoot 15 outfits when having an Emerald package that allows 10 may seem like a good idea but does not allow enough poses in each outfit. ShineOn’s goal is to provide you with the best experience and images possible!

Tip: When planning your session be sure to prioritize your outfits and poses. Focus on what you absolutely love and feel comfortable wearing. If you rush your session, you will miss the overall boudoir photography experience.

Fueling Your Body For A Session

A boudoir session will take plenty of energy and many clients have told me they felt like they just worked out. The moving to each pose, changing outfits, and changing location of the shoot can be tiresome. This is why it is important to fuel your body properly before your session. SHINEon Boudoir sends each client an idea of what to eat before a shoot so clients stay energized and hydrated! Some clients do not eat or hydrate and will feel dizzy during their shoot. I know you want to look your best by not being bloated and this can be done with having the right meal before your session!

Tip: Follow the advice given from the photographer about what to eat and how to stay hydrated before and during the shoot.SHINEon has their client’s best interest in mind for a successful shoot! I will provide any information for that to be possible.

Communication is KEY

SHINEon Boudoir emphasizes on open and honest communication with the photographer before and during your session. The key to get the most out of your boudoir session is to tell the photographer exactly what you have in mind. This will make you feel more comfortable during the shoot and receive images that you will love!

Tip: Be open when you are emailing your photographer and during the consultation. This way you and the photographer can create a plan for a successful shoot!

Incorrect Clothing Size

-When choosing your lingerie make sure it fits you properly and you will be comfortable wearing it during your boudoir session. Wearing a cup size for example, that is too small for you will tend to make you look bigger. Embrace your beauty and your body. Clients who are more comfortable in their outfits tend to have the best pictures because they are not worrying about how a bra may be digging into their side, but enjoying the session itself.

Tip:SHINEon Boudoir recommends local lingerie stores in the area to shop for outfits. These stores have your best interest in mind and have lingerie for all beautiful body shapes and sizes. They will make sure you are comfortable and confident for you boudoir session!

Relying On Photoshop

Victoria Secret models receive a little Photoshop and the beautiful everyday woman can too during the boudoir session.  SHINEon Boudoir strives to make their clients look gorgeous in their image and will use the most natural edit as possible. Clients should not rely on Photoshop to “fix” everything.  Natural Photoshop consist of softening and smoothing the skin to give a glamorous look.  SHINEon embraces all woman’s shapes and sizes therefore will not rebuild your body features. Our goal is to embrace your glamorous side and not give you a fake version of yourself.

Tip: When purchasing lingerie, try it on and pose. See if it is the correct fit for your body type. Embrace the parts of your body you love and confident about. The photographer will guide you through poses that will empathize on these parts of your body.

Doing Your Own Make-Up

Makeup is provided in every package at SHINEon Boudoir. Yes, you may have a make-up routine down for your everyday look but a boudoir look is completely different. Make-up is professionally applied which is enhanced by the lighting during the shoot. . Embrace being pampered and enjoy the experience of having a professional giving you a glamorous look!

Tip: SHINEon Boudoir will explain the importance, in detail, of professional make-up application for your shoot during the consultation. If make-up is personally applied, you may look washed out in your SHINEon Boudoir images.


Your experience begins with a thorough and detailed consultation, and an amazing photographer but I do not control the entire boudoir session. I need your help too! Photographing hundreds of women with multiple body types, I have been able to determine which poses work best for each body type. Some poses may seem uncomfortable or awkward but I will coach you into the best poses for your shoot that is flattering for you and your body type. You may discover your body looks amazing in a pose you have never considered. Not listening to this advice can lead to a negative effect on your images and your overall experience. When you are in our Houston boudoir photography studio it is key to relax, listen and have fun! With these three tips, your images will turn out gorgeous and you will get the most of your boudoir session.

Tip: Check out the SHINEon Boudoir Photography photo gallery on the webpage and social media pages. Each of the clients you see has allowed us to share their gorgeous images to give you an idea of how your boudoir session will be. These clients were feeling just like you when they came into our Houston boudoir photography studio and their images turned out amazing and so will yours!

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