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Boudoir Videography

Boudoir Videography

Ladies I’m so excited today to announce that SHINEon Boudoir is now offering BOUDOIR VIDEOGRAPHY!

I’ve actually been working on becoming an official boudoir videographer for awhile (Since Oct 2017)

I went on an amazing boudoir video and photo retreat last year in Miami with some of the top boudoir photographers in the nation!  The knowledge and skills I learned during that time were priceless!

Since then I’ve been working on the logistics of how to add videography to our sessions in the Houston studio….and it’s finally here!

Now we are the only professional boudoir videographer in Houston!

This is the latest video I just did with the beautiful Donna Kerlin who models for Texas Inked Magazine.


The Boudoir Videography Difference

My first love is still the art and beauty of timeless still photography.  There is nothing like being able to open up a album and feel the beauty in your hands!

BUT I would be lying to you if I didn’t also say there is something so much different (dynamic of course) about also getting the video side of the art.

What one part captures the other part misses.  The raw emotion and aura about the event sometimes doesn’t translate as easily through photos.

One is left up to the mind and the other is literally shown.  This is why I’m excited to offer this service to my #LaneChaser ladies.

Videography Packages

For now I’m offering a Video add-on to the top 3 packages.

Here is another example of my boudoir video work:

So if you ladies are interesting in booking a photo shoot with me, don’t forget to ask about my videography packages!


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