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How to Pronounce Boudoir

How to Pronounce Boudoir

Usually people ask me, what does Boudoir mean?  Then immediate question after that is, “How exactly do you pronounce Boudoir?”

I guess I could say it’s kind of like trying to explain how to pronounce the word potato or tomato LOL!

Everyone has their slight change they add when pronouncing the word Boudoir, but I’m going to help you learn how it’s technically supposed to be pronounced.

The Correct Way to Say Boudoir

From a written form Boudoir is pronounced like this: [boo-dwahr, -dwawr]

But if a picture is worth a thousand words then a video has to be worth a million right!? 😉

Here is a video with the pronunciation:

Here is also another link from (Boudoir) which helps explain how to pronounce it.


Also it’s spelled Boudoir not the various ways I’ve seen all over the internet like:

  • budoir
  • boudior
  • bouduir
  • bourdoir
  • boidoir
  • boudoie (really? lol)
  • boudoure

Or my personal favorite so far – Budwar 😂

Shineon Boudoir photographer and owner

Shineon Boudoir photographer and owner

Now that you know how to pronounce Boudoir…maybe we should talk about your shoot!

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