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What is Implied Nude Photography

What is Implied Nude Photography?

A lot of people see or hear the word “nude” and immediately panic!  “I don’t want to shoot in the full nude they say!”  Listen I completely understand the feeling of nervousness and concern about this concept.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret – implied nude photography, when done right is some of the more artistic and beautiful photography out there in my opinion!  Anddddd it doesn’t have to be sleazy or crude at all!

In fact, if you felt awkward when looking at your end result of an implied nude photo shoot, I’d actually say the photographer probably didn’t pose your the correct way and the presentation was done all wrong.

The Correct Way to do Implied Nude Photography

As mentioned, if you’re doing an implied photo shoot then the poses should look planned and calculated.

Here are a few examples of my implied nude work below.

(Technically one could argue the pictures with the fishnets aren’t completely “implied nude” because of the fishnet coverings, BUT these are close examples.)

implied nude photos

implied nude photos

implied nude boudoir

implied nude boudoir

implied boudoir

implied boudoir

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What do all of these photos have in common?  None of them show the subject COMPLETELY nude and it’s assumed they are nude.  (for the most part the are in these pictures, but they’re covered up enough to not be considered full nude photos.

The Wrong Way to do Implied Nude Photos

Well this part is pretty straight forward – full nudity or partial nudity and/or sleazy looking photos.  Implied is always supposed to be very artistic and thought out.

I don’t have any actual examples of the wrong way to do it, (Even if I did, I wouldn’t post it here) but I’m sure your imagination can wander.

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Shineon Boudoir photographer and owner

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  1. […] What is Implied Nude?As the title says implied nude photography is “implied” that the subject is nude, but the viewer can’t be for certain the subject is fully nude. Sometimes the person is actually nude, but the pose is done is such a way that it leaves the full answer in doubt. If done correctly, implied nude photography can be extremely artistic.  To see some examples, check out a blog post I wrote about this style – What is Implied Nude Photography? […]

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