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Why I Shoot Boudoir

Why Boudoir Photography? 

I shoot Boudoir Photography frankly because of the way it makes me feel. I’ve been a professional photographer for over 10 years and have shot everything from babies, to families to senior photos…but nothing makes me feel as incredible as shooting boudoir photos for women. It’s just as emotional for me as it is for them! I have years of experience behind the camera and have also worked with world renown photographers around the globe.  But besides the time I have committed to photography, I have a passion and drive to connect with women and desire to make a change in their lives.  I constantly push myself to the limits and think outside the box.  My style is always changing and growing!  So if you want a photographer that isn’t the norm… I’m your girl!

The Experience 

The experience that takes place in our studio is unique. When a women arrives at the studio for the first time, she is often nervous and anxious. But after five minutes of chatting with the team about wardrobe and getting ready for hair and makeup, they begin to feel comfortable and at ease. As they get their hair and makeup done, they get to know our team, so by the time we begin shooting comfort is no longer an issue. 

Starting with the first set, we will walk you through how to pose both before you’re in front of the camera and verbally while I’m shooting. The first set always feels like a warm up, whether you’re a seasoned model or it’s your first time being shot professionally. Once we get through the first round of posing, and once you see a few images, you can tell the women really start to feel themselves and their moment. 

Once we get to the reveal portion of the session, we’re friends. We’ve shared your boudoir experience, an experience you’ll never forget, along with stories and laughs along the way. When I show you your images on the screen, you will see yourself not only through my lens, but the way you deserve to be seen. 

A Little Piece of My Story 

I grew up in a household that my mom told me I was beautiful almost everyday. I’m super thankful for the confidence and security she built inside me, especially after hearing lots of women’s stories about their struggle with body image. The contrary was that I also grew up in a household that didn’t really discuss our feelings. Controversy or negative thoughts just weren’t dealt with, at all. .

I was a victim of rape shortly after I graduated high school. And nothing has shaped me more than that experience. I’m sad when I think of the trauma, but thankful for the path to grow into a stronger human being. .

In the time after, I made a decision to own my sexuality and not let that situation take that away from me. Was that an easy path, f*ck no. Am I still on it, ABSOLUTELY…

That being said, my job is SO powerful. It’s so much more than taking beautiful images of women. It is allowing women to express themselves and release parts of their inner being they might not even know exist. Mentally release blocks and physically SHINE. .


I booked a shoot with Catherine Cooper and I had never met her, but I have adored her beautiful work on Instagram for a long time. It spoke to me and I knew she would “get me” .

I wanted to experience all the things my clients tell me…nervousness, anxiety about perfection, stress about their body, trust in the photographer, the fun of the shoot, shock when I saw my images. ALL from the client perspective. AND I DID! .


The experience truly did shape me. Everyday I strive to grow into the woman I tell my clients they can be and should be. As a mom and a business woman, I get it, I really do understand the daily struggles that women face and the need for big moments of reflection and perspective. Be strong, be brave, be successful, be loving, be kind. Why the hell not? BE ALL OF THE THINGS. I see the woman I am and the woman I’m still creating in these images.

For the past five years I have worked with hundreds of women (that’s not an exaggeration) in the Houston area and around the world.  I seriously love every experience that I have with each and every one of my clients. Every woman has a different motivation for shooting, but at the root of every experience is a woman that deserves to be seen and heard for who she is.  

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