Do you have questions? We have you covered.

Where will the Boudoir Session Take Place? – Your photo shoot will be done in my boudoir photography studio downtown by Minute Maid Park – Go Astros! 😉

How are you different than other Houston Boudoir Photographers? – I have years of experience behind the camera and have also worked with world renown photographers around the globe.  But besides the time I have committed to photography, I have a passion and drive to connect with women and desire to make a change in their lives.  I constantly push myself to the limits and think outside the box.  My style is always changing and growing!  So if you want a photographer that isn’t the norm…I’m your girl!

Do you only shoot in your photography studio? – For the moment yes.  The reason why your photography session is always located at my professional photography studio is because I can control the outcome and give you the best boudoir pictures possible!  The lighting is an extremely important factor in determining how your photos will turn out and in my studio I can control that environment.  I do however plan to start shooting destination boudoir photography in the near future!

Why do you shoot Boudoir? – Frankly because of the way it makes me feel. I’ve been a professional photographer for years and have shot everything from babies, to families to senior photos…but nothing makes me feel as incredible as shooting boudoir photos for women. It’s just as emotional for me as it is for them!

Do I have to pose nude? – Absolutely not! Your experience should not feel pressured now will be force you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing! Intimate photography and intimate poses can still be accomplished while also leaving something for the imagination.  This experience is about embracing you as a woman and building up your confidence. I have never had one bad experience yet with any of my clients and don’t plan to start now!

Do my pictures have to be shared online? – No. I respect each client’s wishes and will only share my work of the session if the client gives written or verbal consent to allow me to share their photos.

What does implied nude mean? – As the title says implied nude photography is “implied” that the subject is nude, but the viewer can’t be for certain the subject is fully nude. Sometimes the person is actually nude, but the pose is done is such a way that it leaves the full answer in doubt. If done correctly, implied nude photography can be extremely artistic.  You can see examples of implied nudes on the image gallery page.

Do you have any reviews? – Yes!  I have worked with a lot of different women and get feedback from quite a few of them.  Overtime I pull reviews from google, yelp and other places and put them on my reviews page.